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McLean County

The McLean County Community Compact is a dynamic organization of dedicated community, education, and business leaders committed to unify and mobilize community and external resources by enhancing the culture of shared responsibility to maintain and enhance workforce development in McLean County.

Our mission is to grow a robust, diverse, and work-ready talent pipeline through an integrated network of employers, educators, and community resources.

Our History

The McLean County Community Compact was formed as a not-for-profit corporation in 1989 as an outgrowth of a local youth problem study group.  Barbara F. Stuart spearheaded the organization’s founding and served as its first director. During the early ‘90s, the Compact affiliated with the McLean County Unit of the University of Illinois Extension. 

In 2012 and 2013, through mutual agreement, the Compact formally ended its affiliation with the University of Illinois Extension. As a result of a strategic planning exercise held during the transition, the Compact established new vision and mission statements aimed at forming alliances and facilitating community efforts to improve college and career readiness. This changed the focus from developing programs to enhancing partnerships.

In 2015, BNAdvantage, an Economic Development Strategy for the Bloomington-Normal-McLean County region was unveiled, establishing a strategic framework to guide McLean County to a prosperous and sustainable economic future. A critical component of BNAdvantage was the development of a standing Workforce Development Committee, championed by the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, to fulfill workforce development goals. The efforts of the Workforce Development Committee and the mission of the McLean County Community Compact made for a natural partnership to share leadership, commitment, and resources to support community stakeholders from business, government, labor, education and the community to achieve BNAdvantage strategic goals.  In March of 2018, the McLean County Community Compact Board of Directors voted to become a subsidiary of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce and rebrand the organization as COMPACT. 

Lead Intermediary Organization

Mclean County Community Compact

A subsidiary of the Mclean County Chamber of Commerce

Community Contact


Jancy LaFollette, Compact Manager

Areas of Expertise

The Compact's core values are collaboration, commitment, equity, innovation, and outcome-focused.

Prioritized Focus Sectors

Key Successes

2-Year Goals

Community Updates:

McLean County Update: September 2018

Over the last several months the McLean County Compact action teams have developed a logic model that outlines resources, activities, products and outcomes related to joint goals, including the 60 by 25 goal.