OAI/Rich Township District 227

The OAI/Rich Township partnership was formed to address the labor-market needs of manufacturing companies in the Chicago Southland and outline a plan for increasing postsecondary attainment. A key strategy of the plan is prioritizing the advanced manufacturing industry cluster for the development of career pathways systems, especially targeting youth and young adults. The partnership has been working alongside the Calumet Manufacturing Industry Sector Partnership, a network of over 30 metal, machinery, and equipment manufacturing businesses in the region.

The partnership was launched in November 2017 with the support of the Calumet Area Industrial Commission, Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, Chicago Federation of Labor Workforce and Community Initiative, Chicago Metro Metal Consortium, Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation, Cook County Bureau of Economic Development, Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center, and OAI, Inc. The meeting launched a ‘next generation’ manufacturing sector partnership to tackle the shared competitiveness needs facing manufacturers in the region. Overall the partnership is focused on developing a skilled and enthusiastic workforce that will keep Calumet businesses, industry, and the region competitive in the global marketplace through increasing awareness about manufacturing and by aligning training and curriculum with industry needs.

Lead Intermediary Organization

Region Contact Information

Mollie Dowling, Executive Director, OAI Inc.

Areas of Expertise

Prioritized Focus Sectors

Our partnership addresses the endorsement area of METT (Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology, and Trades).

Key Successes

2-Year Goals

Community Updates:

Manufacturing Day

conomic Development Corporation (CSEDC) successfully hosted their annual Manufacturing Day virtual sessions with businesses and high schools from across the Chicago Southland.