D214 Launches 5 Registered Youth Apprenticeships

District 214 has started 5 registered youth apprenticeships in 3 career areas: Cybersecurity, Automotive Technology, and HVAC. The apprentices started in Fall 2018 and will complete their apprenticeship by high school graduation in June 2021.

Students will earn a certificate in the career area from the community college partner, as well as their high school diploma, and potentially a high school diploma endorsement. These apprenticeships are another component added on to the District 214’s continuum of workplace learning experiences for high school students.

Students that were interested in the apprenticeship applied at the beginning of their junior year of high school and underwent a rigorous multi-step interview process before being accepted into the program. The apprentices will work approximately 15 hours per week of paid on-the-job training, take courses at the community college partner, and take the remainder of the high school graduation requirements at their home high school. The college partners for these apprenticeships are Triton College (Automotive), Harper College (HVAC), and Moraine Valley College (Cybersecurity).