Dual Credit CTE Program Launches in Vermilion County

In Vermilion County, the dual credit Career and Technical Education program known as College Express started on August 21st. To date, 419 high school juniors and seniors have enrolled in 15 different programs and will have the opportunity to take over 60 different courses during their potential 2 years of attendance at Danville Area Community College (DACC). The goal of the program is to have each of these students earn an industry-recognized certificate by the end of the year, and have a clearly defined college or career plan.

The Vermilion County 60 by 25 Network team hopes to inspire many of these students to continue with their education at DACC where a vast majority of students are first-generation. One way the team works to make students comfortable on campus is to have them take part in campus community events like the welcome back kickoff.

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