First Illinois Energy Efficient Vehicle Competition Held

Districts 211 and 214, working with partners in the Golden Corridor, the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, and employers across the region, held the first Illinois Energy Efficient Vehicle Competition on May 8th at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, the culmination of months of work for 8 high schools working with partner employers to compete in designing, building, and testing a small one-person vehicle with a focus on gasoline mileage. In the past, students in Illinois have competed in energy-efficient vehicle competitions in Wisconsin and elsewhere; as a result of this community’s efforts, Illinois is now able to host their own, which gives students the opportunity to participate in this authentic learning experience in their home state. This collaborative effort provides an excellent foundation for students who are interested in careers in engineering, manufacturing, and transportation technology and can serve as an excellent model in getting employers involved in the classroom through authentic learning. The community looks forward to extending this opportunity to other communities across the state next year! For more information, visit